Veritas Farm

Today I visited Veritas Farm for work. It was an unusually cold day and rain sputtered intermittently. I wondered how NY had skipped from 80 degree to 50 degree days.

Veritas specializes in pastured raised meat, but they have expanded their vegetable operations in the past two years too. Various fat birds like these ducks waddled around to welcome me, temporarily distracted from a pile of windfall apples salvaged from this summer’s hailstorms.


The farm is very old and was a former homestead that was overgrown when former Brooklyners Paul Alward and Stephanie Turco took over. They cleared the land with hard work and a herd of goats, but it still is very lush with forest greenery.


Large herds of highland cattle roamed looking hardy and even a little happy in the rain.


This frighteningly fat, but good-hearted Gloucestershire Old Spots pig wanted a back scratch.

Farmer Stephanie told me that they personally accompany all their animals to slaughter and ensure they get the best treatment possible.

This was a great farm and I would go here often to buy their meat. They were really serious about grass-fed, which is important to me because grass-fed meats are much better nutritionally. Grass-fed meats are much closer to the wild game humans would have hunted down for most of our existence as a species. As such,, they are higher in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. I don’t really bother buying anything else and the added bonus is that farms like this are truly a wonderful place for animals to live and not fake free-range…the thick coated highland cattle live outside 365 days a year!


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