Le Fooding

This weekend I also went to another food event, where I ate a little healthier, knowing what I would be eating at the Vendy Awards the next day.


It’s hard to complain about Le Fooding because it was great that an event featuring such elite chefs was so affordable. But I must admit the event was bewildering in all the wrong sorts of ways.

Lines snaked through giant furry tents in PS 1 lit up warmly gold, but not providing much protection from the surprisingly bitter early autumn night chill. We got in some lines not sure where they would take us as pretentiously twee French pop lulled us to discontent.


We got in lines not knowing where they went or why we existed…wait, never mind. I soon learned to grab as much of the tiny portions as possible so I wouldn’t have to get back in line.

I was unimpressed by the pig’s head and tapioca (!!??) soup from Le Comptoir du Relais. I’m all about eating animal heads, but it was a little bland.


I am going to have to learn how to make Bo Ssäm, served up by David Chang himself. A simple concept of meat + lettuce really came together because of the spicy kimchee.


I was excited about Wylie Dufresne’s grilled chicken necks, anticipating I would discover an amazing cheap cut of meat to learn how to cook, but alas they were mostly gristle and bone.


From Paris restaurant Bigarrade came this delicious steak. It was delicious, but mostly just because steak is delicious. Same for the pork ribs from Ze Kitchen Galerie.

The most impressive flavor was the scallop butter from Brooklyn’s own Diner (no, not a diner, but a locavore place simply named Diner. I would complain, but their food is seriously very good…even locavore-hater Anthony Bourdain liked it). The combination of butter, tomato, and mint was surprising and wonderfully zesty.


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