Not missing winter


I think spring is finally here…or isn’t it supposed tobe summer? It’s May and I say “think” because just when I think it’s time to put away the sweaters, we get another day of cold driving rain.

(An experimental plantation of willow grown for biofuel)

But despite these days, life here is so much better when the days are long. I no longer worry about have to rush to the grocery store after class because there is only one hour of daylight left. Winter has its charms, like eating dinner in a cozy pub under the candlelight, but they quickly tired after Christmas.

Enduring that dark season has been worth it because these days I can spend hours and hours just walking around outside. And I’m always bound to meet someone, because everyone has to get their yearly dose of sunlight by laying about on the green lawns.

(The abject ugliness of Uppsala in late winter…)

On a sad note, I have lost my one of my favorite conversation topics, which was complaining about how dark and cold it was.

“Optima dies, prima fugit.” –Virgil


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