Honey: The Good Stuff

Despite the fact that the spring this year in Sweden has been very cold, my beekeeping class was able to extract some honey today.
Admittedly, during this course I’ve been a little worried that I’d be allergic to bees. I’d never been stung before and I have a tendency to be allergic to everything from horses to acai berries. I guess I was kind of hoping to get stung, so I could figure out if I was wasting my time learning beekeeping. My beekeeping professor, Ingmar Fries, does not recommend beekeeping for those allergic to bees.
I expected I’d get stung while messing around with the hives, so I’d be prepared. In fact, I’d been kind of blase when working with them because I figured I’d need to get stung eventually. But today as I was simply observing, a wayward bee decided to dive-bomb my forehead. The professor quickly got the stinger out, but I was slightly traumatized.
I didn’t have an allergic reaction, but I still have a headache. But afterwards we extracted some sweet delicious early-spring honey. Unlike store-bought honey, which is typically heat-treated for shelf life, this fresh raw honey was buzzing with aromatic volatile compounds that made eating it a wonderful way to experience spring flowers.
Here is a nice bee. As a drone, he doesn’t sting. Bonus points for big adorable eyes.


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