Lemon Curd, Rhubarb, and Chives

Recently, I decided to try lemon curd. My first try was a beautiful yellow cream with a standout lemon tang. It was actually surprinsgly easy. I used the recipe from Nourishing Gourmet, except I used just the three yolks and saved the whites for another recipe. Today I made it again, but I used the whites…and it didn’t turn out as well. It was a little more like custard than curd, but it still worked great with a mixture of roasted rhubarb and Swedish wild berries.
Rhubarb here is pretty prolific. It grows both in gardens and feral from May to September, so Sweden has many great Rhubarb recipes. I think simple recipes like crumbles are the best.
For dinner I used some some leftover tofu, bamboo shoots, and coconut milk from the freezer. Not exactly local…but I bought them this winter. I threw in some wild chives I found growing in the forest at the end of cooking so they would stay firm and bright green. They are really nice and almost like some sort of fresh green pasta. Of course they were also free, but I had to get repeatedly stung by wild nettles (which I also eat) and wade through my competitors who are a bunch of snails of varying sizes and colors. I guess I could theoretically eat those too…but I read that you have to feed them edible greens for 7 days, which seems like it would deplete my salad supply and in general not be worth it.


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