Aed in Tallinn, Estonia

I only spent a day in Estonia, but I had a great time despite the cold April weather. I don’t often eat out in Sweden because there aren’t enough restaurants that serve good food at an affordable price. So when I visit more reasonably-priced countries, I make sure to indulge in a good meal.
Aed in Tallinn specializes in “pure food”: organic and whole. There are many options for those of us with food restrictions from gluten-free to vegan and everything in between. We started out with these tomato spoons, a simple and refreshing amuse-bouche. Our appetizers, vegan pumpkin and mushroom soups, were less impressive. I’ve had vegan soups from Chicago to Krakow and I think the secret for a good vegan soup is fat and these certainly didn’t have that.
But my entree was delicious: duck salad with sea-buckthorn sorbet served on spruce-marinated pumpkin. It perfectly captured many of my favorite Baltic flavors. Sea buckthorn in particular has become a favorite of mine, which I will miss back in the U.S. It is a bright orange berry with a citrus flavor with a creamy texture.
I picked up some sea-buckthorn liquor, which was delicious and showcased the berry’s beautiful color. I actually wish I had picked up an extra bottle just to keep for display.


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