Roadtrip pictures

If you don’t know how to take good pictures, get to know someone who does:

For Easter a couple of friends and I went on a camping trip. Unfortunately, we underestimated certain difficulties including but not limited to: freezing cold nights, impossibility of finding a decent camping site with no planning, and the difficulty of grilling with only plastic tools. We ended up asking a farmer if we could camp in his giant lawn for one night and we camped in a friend’s family’s backyard in Denmark the second night. The farmer and the Danish family both helped us with our dire food situation.

We thought that because Sweden has all man’s right, which allows you to camp in a forest as long as you are out of sight of any dwellings, it would be easy to find a camp site. But if an area is nice, it’s bound to be built up and on the West coast near the sea we couldn’t find a camp site at all.

Thank you farmer and Danish family for saving us!


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