Recipe: Queen Bees



In my bee keeping class we are raising queens. In order to raise lots of queens, we had to manipulate the hive, by removing the original queen, who we put in a new hive, and adding larvae of the right age in special tiny homemade wax cups. Normally these larvae would have been workers, but because the bees do not have a queen they feed these special foods like royal jelly to raise new queens.

Normally, the first queen to hatch would simply kill the rest, but once we had the cells growing we removed them to the boxes in these two pictures. In the box we put some sugar and a cup of bees! Yes, a cup. We took some bees from the hive and put them in bucket, spraying them with water to keep them from flying. Impressively enough, the angry wet bees can be easily scooped up. The cup of bees will feed the queen cell until it is old enough to be put in a real hive. It’s a way to get lots of queens to create lots of new hives.



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