Akki Sushi…fishers of men


Akki is one of the best places to get sushi in Stockholm. It is also one of the strangest I’ve been to. It’s a Christian place with the Ichthys fish placed prominently on the menu and a painting of Jesus overseeing the sushi-making process. The restaurant is right next to the entrace to the Medborgarplatsen T Station and is unmarked and even though I use that station often, I didn’t notice it until I found it on Sushi Kartan.

They have many interesting items on the menu, mostly very Westernized. I got the Stockholm roll, which had delicious spicy chili-marinated tuna.

The most interesting thing about Akki is the amount of time they spend making the sushi look beautiful. As I waited, I saw that the people eating in had their orders lovingly garnished with flowers and spring onions. The store is very tiny, so only about six people can eat in. The poor takeout people are crushed in a tiny corner, which is at least a good way to spend some time in the personal space of shy Stockholmers.

I was surprised when I got home because my orders were also decorated beautifully. It was a wonderful surprise and the sushi was very tasty.



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