Tastes Good, Looks Crappy

Once again I have baked something incredibly delicious, but revoltingly ugly. I guess that is why this is not a cooking blog, because then I would have to call it FUGLY BUTTER LACED FOOD or something. But this is OK here is Sweden because I am cooking for people who have never heard of 90% of the food I make. No Swede cares if my chili lacks actual chili or my tamales are not made with real masa, because these things are either not available here or they have been Swedified into blandness. To Swedish people my food is very spicy, which makes me laugh considering all the times my Indian friends served me food that burned my tongue while they complained it wasn’t spicy enough. My roommate recently complained that my mixture of garlic and chilis that I was sauteing was “burning her eyes” and “could I please turn on the fan.”

When I get homesick I often crave American staples, which is always a challenge given that some ingredients that we take for granted are impossible to find here and I have to convert to metric. I make do and often end up with new skills. A craving for cornbread has turned into a passion for polenta, which makes a fantastic meal when garnished with spinach, parmesan, and sundried tomatoes.

I finally learned how to whip up a good buttercream icing for some cupcakes I made. Swedes don’t usually eat icing on their cakes, because most are rich enough without it, so my boyfriend had never eaten buttercream. Lets just say that the bowl of buttercream was soon empty. It didn’t matter if the buttercream was slathered haphazardly on top of the cupcakes one bit because he had never had one.

Today the victim was New Orleans King Cake, a favorite of mine.

Of course the shape was all lopsided and I had forgotten to purchase the colored sprinkles, but the minute I bit into the cake and tasted the lemon and nutmeg, I could have been back home for all I knew.


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  1. Posted by Catherine on March 1, 2009 at 8:16 pm

    We missed you here on Fat Tuesday! Did not get a king cake, and forgot to buy paczki ( the jelly donuts).


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