Tortured Scones from the Abyss and Filmjölk

I know I am bad at food photography, so it didn’t surprise me that the picture I took of some scones I made ended up looking like a tortured soul from the abyss.


Yogurt Scones from Chocolate & Zucchini. These scones were OK, but they were more like low-fat muffins than scones. Maybe it’s because I used Filmjölk instead of yogurt. Filmjölk is pretty similar to yogurt, but it’s thinner and because the bacterial culture is different, it can taste a little fizzy or sour like Kefir. There are many kinds using different cultures and they all taste a little different. Most Americans claim to not like Filmjölk, but I say that they just haven’t tried the right kind. I’d say that the best is the blackcurrant flavored åfil (pronounced sadly, like o-fil, which doesn’t sound so great), which has the perfect balance of fizziness and sweetness.

The eyes of the “tortured” scone are red currants that I picked wild and froze in September.


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