More Madrid: Cider

One of the coolest places I visited in Madrid was little cider bar called Casa Parrondo Luarca Sideria. Asturia is a northern region of Spain that is famous for its cider.

The cider I had was sparkly and perfectly dry…which is the way I like it. Most Swedish ciders are heavy and overly sweet. Asturian cider is traditionally poured by holding the bottle up high over the glass, which adds more carbonation.

Oh, and of course, like every other drink, the cider came with a tapa: patatas bravas, delicious crispy potatoes cooked in Spanish smoked paprika. The next day I picked up some of the smoked paprika, which is known as pimento. However, I knew I had some sort of negative association with the word “pimento.” Upon Googling I realized that pimento is also the name for a type of Southern sandwich which includes two things I really hated as a child: pickles and mayo. I hadn’t thought about them for a long time and I didn’t even know they were a Southern thing.

Upon investigating the tapas case, we came upon some strange brownish lumps. Nancy asked the bartended what they were and soon after we were treated to Cabrales, an Asturian blue cheese with a typical blue cheese bite and a wonderfully sweet cinnamon-like finish. The music in the bar also intrigued us…why were they playing Scottish bagpipes? Turns out bagpipes aren’t just Scottish, they are an Asturian specialty as well, which makes sense considering the Celtic-Iberian connection. The bar was my favorite that we visited and I hope to visit Asturia some day.


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  1. Posted by Catherine on February 7, 2009 at 8:07 pm

    I love your blog! Your pix and writings are very, very descriptive. We MISS YOU!


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