Swedish sticky cake

Swedish sticky cake

Kladdkaka, Swedish “sticky cake,” is a wonderful and rich Chocolate Swedish dessert that is particularly welcome on cold winter nights. It is made with simple ingredients, but requires some finesse to master. My first attempts ended up like hockey pucks, but after discussing this matter with Swedish veterinary students/Fika masters I can now make it reasonably well. You want to cook the stiff batter until it’s sticky, but not gloopy, but cook it too long and you’re in American brownie territory. You must monitor it carefully, shaking the pan periodically until the cake no longer “jiggles.” It’s best cooked in a spring form pan, because otherwise removing it destroys the structure. The perfect kladdkaka has a firm exterior that gives way upon first bite to warm melted chocolate.

Swedish Veterinary Academy Fika Kladdkaka
2 eggs
1.5 dl flour
3 dl sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
1 dl melted salted butter, cooled a little
4 tablespoons cacao
50-100 g crushed milk chocolate

Blend all the ingredients, cook roughly 10 mins at 200 C, monitoring carefully


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